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Jump in and explore the underwater world! Take the PADI Discover Scuba Diving experience to see what scuba diving is all about and breathe underwater for the first time.

Our local dive sites offer an ideal environment for beginners with all year round diving, sheltered bays, clear blue waters and diverse marine life for you to see and enjoy. Here at Diveshack you learn all you need to know to become a certified diver under the supervision of our dedicated team of professional instructors.


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Diveshack Scuba School offers courses for both beginners and experienced divers taught by PADI professional instructors dedicated to scuba diving.

So if you're looking to dive for the first time, wanting to develop your diving skills and experiance, or even become a PADI professional. we will help you through your course.

Certified Diver

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If you are a certified diver looking for the next step, a new challenge, or wanting to develop your diving skills Diveshack offers more than twenty different PADI Speciality courses and TecRec Technical Diving courses. Each one offers you a new diving adventure as you gain experience within your diving interests. At each level the diving courses are designed to build on your previous knowledge and develop your diving skills

We welcome divers with qualifications from other reputable diving organisations. If you would like to benefit from an International diving qualification, the next step is made easily with PADI courses

Pro Diver

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The Diveshack internship program is renowned not only for excellent teaching and guidance with the highest of standards but also offers candidates the opportunity to understand the dive industry as a working professional. Gain the essential knowledge, experience and personal confidence required to be a PADI professional that will enable you to meet the challenges of the busiest dive season in any dive centre worldwide. Diveshack runs Instructor Development Courses and all levels of PADI professional courses including TecRec Instructor courses throughout the year.

Wreck Diving

The Maltese islands offer some of the best diving in the Mediterranean. Malta is especially noted for the wrecks it offers. Whatever your diving interest or level of experience you can explore historical wrecks, natural reefs, and see a variety of marine life in unique underwater landscapes. With so many dive sites around Malta, and day trips by boat to the islands of Comino and Gozo, the adventures are endless.

Our dive trips are lead by PADI Divemasters and Instructors passionate about diving, sharing their knowledge and experience with you at our local dive sites. At Diveshack we offer you the ultimate diving adventure.


Go Pro
If you are a rescue diver with 40 logged dives, why not join our Dive master course.
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Speciality Offers
Do your PADI Deep diver Specialty and the PADI Wreck diver Specialty. You will get the PADI Enriched air diver for free....
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Technical Diving
Now is the time if you are interested in Technical diving we are offering special prices for course bundles. Call us to inquire what we can offer you!
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Air Malta is waiving the applicable Sports Baggage Fee on Diving Equipment

Air Malta gives you the flexibility to purchase Sports Baggage vouchers to cover the carriage of your sports equipment at only € 20 per piece per flight. Booking can be made up to 24 hours prior departure by using the booking form below.

For travel on its services during the months of February and March 2011, Air Malta is waiving the applicable Sports Baggage Fee on Diving Equipment.

The Sports equipment items that fall under this category are:

  • Diving equipment
  • Golf Clubs 
  • Bicycles
  • Skiing Equipment
  • Water skis
  • Firearms
  • Bowling - maximum four balls plus shoes
  • Hockey Equipment
  • Croquet Clubs
  • Fencing
  • Archery
  • Cricket Equipment

Fencing and Archery equipment must be stored in a hard container to avoid damage and must be checked-in, not carried as hand-luggage.

Don't forget to print your Sports Baggage Voucher and to present it at check-in, as passengers with no voucher will be charged € 30 per piece per flight. Any other sports equipment not listed will be charged at the normal excess baggage rate.

Posted 2011-02-04 by